Construction Of Washrooms AT Tinjos Primary School
February 20, 2018
Meeting of Board of Trustees of Central Asia Educational Trust (CAET) was held at Country Office, Islamabad.
March 20, 2018


Akbarya Girl Public School is located in District Shigar 35 KM far from Skardu City. The total strength of students is 278 and there are 10 Female Teachers and 1 male teacher. All the teachers are provided by Central Asia Educational Trust. The School comprised of 12 rooms including the principal office and staff room.
Before the construction of new washrooms they had local (typical) washroom without the facility of water. These washrooms in pathetic condition and not able to use, there was an urgent need of washroom in Akbarya Girls Public School The Trustees of Central Asia Educational Trust took a serious note on the respective issue and they decided to construct new washrooms in all those School which had no proper washroom facility.

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